CBMT Light Vehicle Level 2

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Please note: This online program only contains the theoretical information. I you want to register for the qualification you will still have to complete the practical part at a MerSeta approved training center. However the use of this material can cut the time out of office down to 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks. 

The world’s leading automotive E-Learning Solution.

Designed to match the visual and kinesthetic learning styles of most automotive students, Automotive Essentials will give learners a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of automotive technology. It has been designed to cover all the areas of MerSeta national qualification standards.

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Studying the Fundamentals of Technology 2 10 02:36
Identifying Bushes and Bearings, and Removing, Inspecting and Replacing Bearings 2 2 01:18
Servicing Motor Vehicle Components 2 10 03:13
Removing, Inspecting and Replacing Cooling System Components 2 26 05:43
Engine Lubrication 2 34 11:56
Removing and Replacing Suspension Components 2 12 02:15
Understanding the Fundamentals of Steering and Wheel Components 2 98 27:08:00