CBMT Light Vehicle Level 1


Please note: This online program only contains the theoretical information. If you want to register for the qualification you will still have to complete the practical part at a MerSeta approved training center. However the use of this material can cut the time out of office down to 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks. This online training can be completed while the apprentice is working full time .

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This level 1 license has been aligned with the CDX Light Vehicle Level 1 textbook that is the only approved material for MerSeta CBMT Petrol mechanic Level 1.

108 – Modules covering…

Safety and First Aid in the Workshop 1 8 04:28
Identifying Lubricants, Metals and Materials 1 2 00:30
Care and Use of Tools Applicable to the Trade 1 26 09:26
Identifying Locking Devices Identifying Locking Devices 1 6 02:08
Functions of Motor Vehicle Components Names 1 30 09:01
Understanding Basic Electricity 1 14 06:06
Using Lifting Equipment 1 4 01:57
Performing a Service to a Motor Vehicle 1 18 06:04